Facilitator - Data Academy (Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leicester)

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom · Education


We are in search of facilitators to deliver our amazing in-person education experiences. These roles are freelance positions with engagements being on an as-and-when basis so would suit somebody with their own projects or business interests.

About Us

Education is not a life stage that ends in your late teens and early twenties. Decoded believes that everyone should learn innovation, code, data science, hacking, design thinking, blockchain, and a million other things that haven’t even been invented yet. We want to accelerate learning for everyone.

Decoded is a global technology education provider that creates learning experiences for businesses around the world. Our mission is to be the world’s greatest technology educator, and to change the way people interact with technology.


We’re looking for people who know their stuff about the things we teach and are able to communicate that knowledge in an awe-inspiring way.


To apply please email a covering letter and CV to [email protected] When applying please bear in mind the following:


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