Head of Sales | ThinkSprint| MarTech

United Kingdom



Help us speed up innovation at major consumer brands.

Winning in a fast changing market requires fast feedback. If decision making is not quick and precise, you miss opportunities and lose market share.

Today’s common insight tools were designed in a simpler, slower world. They’re either too shallow to make sense of the big technical shifts we’re seeing, or too complicated to fit into the agile processes we must adopt.

Surveys lack qualitative depth and are overused, so increasingly get ignored.

Focus groups and workshops require massive effort and time to coordinate and manage.

Email chains quickly becomes unwieldy and difficult to stay on top of.

That’s why we’ve built ThinkSprint,

Our platform make sense of group brainpower in the easiest, fasted way for global innovators ranging from Samsung, to Jaguar Land Rover to Nike (and soon to be Google).

It’s deeply powerful yet wonderfully simple and we need you to get it into more businesses’ hands.


Role: Head of Sales and Business Development

The team style

We are a small but growing team and are ruthlessly efficient.

We are commercially focused and ensure we make money.

We are very ambitious and set a high bar.

Sales stages we expect you to manage

  1. Work closely with the Co-Founders to generate new leads and manage incoming ones
  2. Qualify leads to ensure the most relevant come through into a pilot
  3. Set validation criteria upfront so it’s clear what a successful pilot looks like
  4. Calculate the ROI from the pilot (post technical close)
  5. Negotiate the deal based on value based pricing e.g. 12 month package with 3 tiered options


Essential requirements

Your Responsibilities

You will be given an existing pipeline of 100+ warm leads to get up and running from major blue chip companies.



Work-life balance:

25 days holiday (excluding bank holidays)

Dog friendly office.

Flexible working location (any London WeWork) + working from home.

Central London (Aldgate) office. Private office in co-working space.

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