Digital Content Manager | Hero | RetailTech

New York, United States


This is the perfect role for a brand builder blessed with excellent story telling skills, looking to roll up their sleeves and dive into writing, video, social, paid search and all things digital. You’ll be joining one of the fastest growing retail technology companies in the world as we embark on our global expansion.

Two years into our journey, and with an excellent roster of brands in both Europe and the US, we’re looking for a content lead to devise and implement a strategy that puts our brand awareness and lead acquisition on rocket-fuel; with two distinct audiences in mind:

Global Retail Brands

You’ll be tasked with creating great content that attracts decision makers at retail brands, right across fashion, luxury, apparel, beauty and home. Whether it’s the Head of Retail at Warby Park or the CIO at Walmart, we want them to discover and engage with inspiring content across our blog, social and email, with a big emphasis on success stories and video that shows Hero in-action in stores across the world, demonstrating why it’s the next big thing in retail. What we do not want to talk like is a bland B2B technology company, and our locker of fantastic assets and partner brands will help with the job in hand.

Retail Associates

This audience is typically young, tech savvy, motivated and passionate. Whether they’re a careerist at Harvey Nichols or they work weekends at Topshop, we want them to fall in love with the Hero brand that ‘gets them’. They may know us today as the app they use at work to help them sell online, but we want them to like, follow and engage with our brand mission. We’ll capture them most with inspiring content on social and in the Hero app itself.


You’ll be total self-starter, enthused by the idea of being a fast-moving startup, looking for complete freedom to devise your own strategy and write your own content across a mix of mediums. You’ll be campaign-driven, with good mix of left -brain and right-brain to creatively push boundaries while analytically tracking impact.


Hero’s culture has been designed to give our team the freedom to do their best work, where they can freely contribute ideas and instantly see the impact of their work - irrespective of their backgrounds, education or years of experience. Our values guide the team to ‘leave their ego at the door’, ‘follow their instincts’ and ‘to become a master of their jungle’.

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