City Manager (Dublin)

Dublin, England, United Kingdom


Airsorted was founded in 2015 and it has grown to become the World’s largest Airbnb management business with operations in London, Sydney, Edinburgh and Dublin.

Airsorted’s mission is to build a global platform that makes it easy to share your home. At Airsorted, we believe that home-sharing is a force for good. It creates authentic and unique experiences for guests; and for hosts, the extra income enables them to do more of what they want. The problem is that for many homeowners, who don’t have the time or the expertise, homesharing is not accessible. Our core working assumptions are that by removing the principal hassles of hosting - cleaning, laundry and key exchange - homeowners will be willing to share their home. How? Airsorted uses technology to deliver hospitality at scale.

We build:

● A network of high-quality cleaners who understand the difference between cleaning and hospitality

● Key relationships with suppliers of hotel quality linen

● Powerful back-end software to complete service bookings with minimal overhead

● Intuitive front-end software that enables you to feel confident sharing your home

The goals of the City Manager are to lead both operations and growth in the local market - and be fully accountable for hitting all local OKRs.

Excellent City Managers are autonomous. They are committed to the wider mission and vision of Airsorted. They know all aspects of the service inside-out, maintain a close working relationship with the leadership team and team leads, and keep fully abreast of strategic and operational developments happening across the company.

City Managers are embedded in the locality, with a rich understanding of local trends and the wider business environment. They are also dynamic. They recognise when and how to adapt the Airsorted business model to suit local conditions, while still delivering against the company’s key metrics.

They recognise the importance of sharing best practice. City Managers should be comfortable with a wide range of responsibility - making a pitch, designing a strategy, interpreting data, negotiating contracts, resolving conflict, scheduling, hiring, project and performance management.

City Managers are excellent at prioritisation and are able to execute against these priorities in an efficient and pragmatic way. They should demonstrate flexibility and the ability to learn quickly. No job is too big or too small - they just roll up their sleeves and complete the task to the highest standard in the quickest time possible.


The City Manager performs six specific functions:

1. Growth: Grow the Airsorted customer base in your locality via local marketing initiatives. It is vital that the City Manager is able to execute quickly against both self-identified local opportunities and growth opportunities that have been tested successfully in other local markets. a. Work in partnership with the Regional Cities Director, UKI to build stronger central marketing campaigns to support the growth of the local market.

2. Operational delivery: Planning, resourcing and leading the business to deliver the service we promise our customers.

3. Building a team: Hire, support, train and retain a team that is capable of almost autonomous management of the local business, operating according to Lean Startup principles

4. Improving the product: Focus limited resources on meaningful improvement of the product and service, continuously validating your assumptions

5. Stakeholder Management: Cultivate relationships with key partners and suppliers to build defensible assets in the city. These relationships should be positive revenue streams for Airsorted, where possible.

6. Planning + Reporting: Set the strategic and operational objectives of the local office and report against those objectives on a timely basis.

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