Campaigns and Growth Manager

London, England, United Kingdom



Chattermill applies artificial neural networks to customer feedback that learn from your data and help you make more customer centric decisions.

Up until recently, only corporate giants could afford this level of analysis. Even then it was expensive and clunky. We use the latest in Artificial Intelligence to bring detailed insight to every company in a matter of seconds, not months. Our proprietory deep learning algorithms to extract actionable information from customer feedback. Deep learning has revolutionised many industries in recent years from virtual assistants to self driving cars.


We are looking for a Campaigns & Growth Manager who will join an already high-performing growth team. In three years Chattermill has grown from a team of 2 Co-Founders to a team of 20 in London and more around Europe. In that time we have developed a cutting-edge product that allows some of the most exciting companies in the world (Uber; HelloFresh, Spotify, Transferwise, Skyscanner, Deliveroo + more) to finally understand their Customers and improve their customer experience through deploying our AI-powered solution.

As a Campaign & Growth Manager at Chattermill, you have a significant impact and ownership on the campaigns that generate and nurture marketing and sales leads. You love being creative and using critical thinking, and you have a proven track record in multi-channel B2B demand generation campaigns. You will be scaling our marketing reach through high performance integrated campaigns to scale our marketing reach and partner with our sales team to drive pipeline and revenue.

A bit about what you will get up to:



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