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London, England, United Kingdom


Red Rickshaw is the UK’s largest online Asian grocer, offering produce and spices sourced from all over the world. We empower home cooks to create authentic Asian cuisine, as well as wholesaling to everywhere from prestigious Michelin starred restaurants to bustling street food markets.

The company has experienced a high organic growth rate, and this year we used our resources and expertise to branch out, creating Feast Box, a home delivery recipe box subscription service offering pre-measured ingredients and straightforward instruction cards for cooking authentic Asian and Middle Eastern meals. See website

We think of ourselves as respectful students and guardians of an eclectic range of culinary traditions, championing tried-and-tested techniques, neglected ingredients, and authentic, rooted versions of timeless favourite dishes. We aren’t plundering the East for ‘exotic’ food, but celebrating and learning from the ingenuity of cooks worldwide, whose ingredients and recipes are comfortingly familiar to themselves. We want to enable our customers to cook without limits, helping them develop their own familiarity and ingenuity with Eastern cuisine.

We are now looking for someone to take charge of our paid growth channels, shifting the company to a higher gear while communicating our values and achieving our vision. As Digital Marketing Manager at Red Rickshaw, you will be responsible for planning and executing our strategy on all acquisition and retention marketing, growing our base while keeping existing customers engaged and satisfied.

You will build, run and improve campaigns for our Paid Social, Paid Search, Display, Affiliate and Retention channels. We see ourselves as the potential hub for a buzzing community of like-minded amateur cooks, professional chefs, restaurateurs, recipe writers, influencers, foodies and anyone who wants to put good food on British tables, and an engaged and enthused customer base is essential to this project.

This is an exciting opportunity not only to build and shape a digital team over time, but also to oversee the full blossoming of a totally unique brand vision, a modern marriage of timeless and progressive values.



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Equal opportunity

We are hugely committed to equality of opportunity in all areas of Red Rickshaw. All individuals will be treated in a fair and equal manner and in accordance with the law regardless of age, disability, gender, pregnancy and maternity, marital status, race, religion or sexual orientation.

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